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Dress right

What size do I need, what does that washing symbol mean and what is Gore-Tex® actually?

Here you will find information about the different materials used in our clothes and how to handle them properly. Learn more about the different features of the materials and find the size that fits you best.

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Dress right in five steps

In order for your hunting clothes to perform at their best, you also need to combine them and use them properly. We guide you through some simple steps towards a smarter outfit.

The Three-layer Principle: The right gear for all weathers

Keeping you warm and dry regardless of the weather is always the goal with our clothes. Therefore we have divided our products into three layers, which helps you to combine the garments properly.

Technologies & functions

We have worked for a long time with garments and materials of the highest quality to meet the Swedish nature and climate. In order to maintain warmth and comfort, the two essential elements to stop are water and wind. Here you can read more about the different materials we use.

Size guide

Here you can find what size fits you best, based on your body measurements.

Wash & care instructions

Take good care of your garments to make them last longer. In order for your clothing to protect you in the best way, you need to protect them in return. Here you can find the wash and care instructions for the materials we use.


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