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Technologies & functions

Keep up to date with the latest functional materials with our simple guide.

NEONORDIC® Hunting Technology

A revolutionary membrane designed by hunters for hunters. Silent, soft and elastic, offering exceptional breathability and lasting protection from wind and water. 
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Swedish developed outer shell with superb wind and water repellent properties.

Our proprietary protective material for wild boar trousers. Assures against bites or puncture from other sharp objects.

The leading comfort solution for maintaining high comfort during physical activity. Polyester fibre transports moisture away from the skin to the outer layer where it evaporates.

Durable material used primarily for reinforcement on exposed surfaces and pockets.

Our proprietary membrane with excellent performance properties for water and wind protection and comfortable breathability (10 000 mm/10 000 gram/m2/24h).

Desolve® Fire
A unique camouflage pattern with high visibility that makes you invisible to the animal but readily visible to other people. With a high contrast in its pattern and a colour that the animal has difficulty seeing, you become difficult to detect.

Desolve® Veil
Unique camouflage patterns designed with a focus on animal vision. The use of high contrast and colours found in the environment makes your body shape is difficult to discern DESOLVE® Veil is particularly suitable in the forest.

Desolve® Zero
A unique camouflage pattern with high contrast, designed with the animal’s vision in mind. Designed for hunting in totally or partially snow-covered areas.

Gore™ Optifade®
Ground-breaking camouflage developed by Gore with patterns adapted in relation to animal vision.

Gore™ Optifade®
Products with GORE-TEX® material combine durable water and wind protection with optimal breathability: numerous products offering the best possible protection and comfort.

Wind and waterproof material with high performance breathability. Used primarily as warming insulation in gloves and mittens.

Extremely durable fibre, five times stronger than steel. Primarily used for exposed surfaces.

Light, flexible, reduced noise material developed by Swedteam specially for rucksacks.

High-tech fibre for insulation of different types of garments. Low weight yet with a high insulating capacity. Good breathing properties.

Re-Eco by Swedteam
Swedteam’s RE-ECO™ garments are made of 100 per cent recycled polyester, and feature PFC-free surface treatments.

Traditional camouflage pattern based on tree branches in different designs.

A carbon-fibre based material that locks your scent inside allows you to get closer to your target.

Technozone™ by iwarm
A concept that integrates I-warm technology into clothing by means of high-tech thermal panels that are easily controlled via an app on your mobile phone.

Polyester-based, thin, flexible insulation that retains its insulating properties even when wet.

Warming insulation with good breathability for garments and footwear. Developed by 3M™.

Protective woven material worn beneath the outer layer as extra protection against sharp tusks, for example. As much as 20 % stronger than KEVLAR®.

Extremely durable fibre used to protect garments’ most exposed parts.

A 100 % windproof membrane with high breathability that keeps out the coldest of winds.


Garment fitted with YKK zippers.


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