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Bird hunting

For those who hunt birds, the hunting period can extend throughout the whole year, depending on the hunted species. In Sweden, it is popular to hunt grouse and forest species such as capercaillie and black grouse. During the winter, it is common to hunt for tree-top birds, and this places special demands on your equipment.

Birds are easily frightened species and you need to keep this in mind when choosing your clothes. When hunting birds, many people choose to hunt with dogs, which also requires special equipment. 

Home / Hunting types / Bird hunting

Animals with good vision require camouflage

We develop our garments in cooperation with actual hunters, who test the clothing in the environment where they are meant to be used.  At Swedteam we make sure that every new product is tried and tested to ensure that it fits and works to its best before we place it on the market. While the emphasis is on the garment’s functionality, we do not compromise on quality and appearance. We make nice-looking clothes that also work well upon use!

As for bird hunting, it is important that the garments have the right camouflage. Birds have good sight, so when we develop our bird hunting equipment, our main focus is on camouflage. We use tested camouflage prints that are designed to blend in with the settings where bird hunting takes place.

It is also important, as for all types of hunting, that the fit and comfort of the garments is good.

Our recommendation

Our range includes several products that are suitable for bird hunting. Which ones work best greatly depends on the weather. Here is a selection of products that are suitable for bird hunting.

A well tested camouflage print that we use is Gore-Tex®’s own pattern Waterfowl. For some bird hunts, our Leaf Camouflage is also suitable.

For hunting in colder conditions, such as in ptarmigan season, you will need garments that keep the heat properly. Our Kebne series camouflages in the snow, protects against harsh weather conditions and is also equipped with belt straps. 

Are you curious about more products that are suitable for bird hunting? Go on to the product page.


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