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Dress right in five steps

Function is alpha and omega to our designers, but for our clothes to provide you with the best possible hunting experiences, you also need to use them in the right way. Here are a few simple steps to help you dress appropriately.

1. Be prepared for variable weather

It’s not just in the spring that Scandinavians might find themselves exposed to ‘April showers’. Here, both weather and temperature can change in a few short hours. Spring and autumn mornings are often cold while summer temperatures may often be reached later in the day. To tackle this challenge, the best thing to do is to employ a number of thin layers which can be put on or taken off as temperatures change. Top off with a shell layer that keeps out dew and other wetness.


2. Don't forget the base layer

The base layer may feel unnecessary when the weather’s warm but it fulfils an important function. Many people like to have comfortable cotton against their body but you won’t find it quite so comfortable once you start getting really active. As a matter of fact, cotton is one of the most absorbent materials of all. This means that as soon as you start sweating, the cotton soaks up the sweat and the garment begins to feel cold. This is where the base layer comes in. Instead of soaking up sweat, your base layer transports all the moisture away and you can stay warm and dry throughout the day.


3. Dress in several layers even for sitting at your post

Dressing in several layers is actually relevant for all types of hunting, even for sitting at your post. A considerable amount of activity is often required before you reach the place where the drive is to pass. If you’re already wearing a thick middle layer, you’ll soon be sweating, and then it won’t be long before you begin to freeze. Alternatively, put on a warmer layer once you’re in position and regulate your temperature by adding to or removing from your middle layer. Several layers over a thicker base layer also works exceptionally well. Make sure you choose the right kinds of accessories too, such as warming headwear, mittens and socks.


4. Choose the right clothes for the right kind of hunting

Whether you’re hunting boar, birds or bigger game, we have developed clothing specifically for your kind of hunting. Maybe you hunt with dogs or spend most of your time sitting on watch? Whatever the kind of hunting you enjoy, we can help you select the correct clothing.


5. Take care of your clothes

No matter how good your clothes, you have to do your bit too. Always follow the care advice sewn into the garment and, for example, never use fabric softeners when washing clothes containing a membrane. Certain garments carry a Swedteam guarantee as long as the advice given is followed and the garment is used under normal conditions. All garments have a limited lifespan but, if you look after them correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your Swedteam garments for some time to come.

Good hunting!


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