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Anyone who spends any amount of time out in the forests and open terrain knows how annoying mosquitos and other insects can be, constantly buzzing around your head.
If you are unlucky, you might also bring tics back to your house. Insects can feel the smell of it’s prey at long distances. Just as the hunter, they are awake day and night continuously hunting. Antibite is the first sustainable solution of the problem.

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Don't become the prey

Anyone who spends any amount of time out in the forests and open terrain knows how annoying mosquitos and other insects can be, constantly buzzing around your head. A mosquito can smell its prey from far away, and just like hunters, they are alert and on the prowl day and night. Flies, wasps and ticks can also be a major nuisance.

However, these insects aren’t just irritating – despite their size, mosquitos are the deadliest animals in the world today. Due to climate change, as well as the fact we are travelling across greater distances than ever before, the number of people in areas where there is a risk being bitten and infected has grown markedly. Of the world's population, 80 per cent are at risk of catching one or more vector-borne illnesses. Now, for the first time, there is a sustainable and effective solution to this problem. Once again, Swedteam is leading the way, and we are delighted to have exclusive rights to treat hunting clothes with AntibiteTM in Europe. During spring 2020 we will be releasing a jacket, trousers, half-zip sweater, shirt and cap that have undergone Antibite™ treatment.

What is Antibite™?

Antibite™ is a new technique for treating textiles with an insect repellent. The base ingredient of Antibite™ is IR3535, a substance that has been on the market for over 30 years and is based on a natural amino acid. A research group at the University of Minho in Portugal has found a way of using nanotechnology to impregnate clothing with IR3535. This technique is known as Antibite™.


How does it work?

Insects use their sense of smell to find their way in nature. IR3535 is based on a natural amino acid that emits a smell signal warning insects to keep away. As Antibite™ is designed to repel rather than eradicate, the insects do not develop any resistance to the substance and it is not a reproduction inhibitor, as most traditional insect repellents are. The substance does not cause any skin irritation, is not absorbed into the body, is unscented, and has no side effects. What’s more, it is also environmentally friendly and does not pose a hazard to mammals and fish.


Where are the products treated?

Antibite™ is applied using nanotechnology directly into the finished pieces of clothing at our partner’s facilities in Portugal. As the substance penetrates the textile fibres, its efficiency is increased and the effect lasts for 80 washes.


What benefits does this offer the user?

With Antibite™, you don’t need to use any other mosquito or insect repellents. As the active substance is located in your clothes, you’ll be protected as long as you’re wearing the clothing. The application process does not compromise the quality or appearance of the clothing, and the Antibite™ retains its effectiveness for at least 80 washes. The substance is completely environmentally friendly, meaning that the protection it offers does not come at the cost of nature or mammals.


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