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How we built our new Ridge family

Building a functional Hunting Jacket and Hunting Trouser is a complex process. In addition to the silent shell fabric with our COVERTEX® 100 membrane, many parts must end up in the right place. Here, you can see some of the details we have chosen to add to our new Ridge family.


  1. High collar
  2. Detachable hood
  3. Water-resistant zippers
  4. Zipper-pullers with high friction rubber
  5. Ventilation zippers
  6. Pre-shaped sleeves
  7. Big front pockets
  8. Extended back panel
  9. Visor on hood
  10. Flexible wire on hood opening
  11. Adjustable opening and size of hood
  12. Radio antenna loops
  13. Radio pockets
  14. Pockets for mobile and GPS Tracker
  15. Three inner pockets in total,one with zipper
  16. Back pocket with two openings
  17. Two-way zipper
  18. Adjustable sleeve opening


  1. Elastic back panel in waist
  2. Suspender buttons
  3. Zipper-pullers with high friction rubber
  4. Leg pockets
  5. Adjustable leg opening
  6. Extended back panel
  7. High friction silicone tape in waist
  8. Big front pockets
  9. Ventilation zippers behind leg pockets
  10. Pre-shaped knee parts
  11. Reinforced leg opening

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