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NEONORDIC® Hunting Technology

Designed for experiences close to nature in demanding and changeable climates. Everyone who has hunted in a Scandinavian climate knows the unique challenges posed by the weather. This knowledge is behind our newly developed NEONORDIC® 200 membrane. The membrane is silent, soft and elastic, offering exceptional breathability and lasting protection from wind and water.

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NEONORDIC® is a protective membrane of Nordic quality, inspired by the Nordic climate where functionality is of the essence. Besides protecting against wind and water, garments must also deliver high comfort and freedom of movement. Traditionally, it has been difficult to combine  high protection with excellent breathability.  With NEONORDIC®, we aimed to change this.

How does it work?

NEONORDIC® is laminated with an advanced  homogeneous hydrophilic membrane which  delivers the highest level of waterproofing,  breathability and comfort. By responding to your body’s activity, this smart membrane allows  steam to easily be released through the membrane for superior breathability.

NEONORDIC® 200 products have a water column of 20,000 mm, which is far above the minimum level required in order for a fabric to be considered waterproof.

This means the fabric protects you from water and wind but allows moisture to evaporate, so that you stay dry and comfortable. NEONORDIC® is exceptionally flexible as well as hardwearing. This makes it ideal for a wide range of garments, whether they need to be light and thin or strong and rugged.

Where and how is the material made?

To assure the high quality of the membrane, we collaborate closely with the manufacturers and carefully monitor production. The material is produced in a certified factory in South Korea, which has collaborated closely with Swedteam over testing and development to create the ultimate material. The garments are manufactured in the high tech city of Nanjing in China, by a partner highly experienced in producing garments for the Scandinavian climate to suit Scandinavian needs and sizing requirements.

Various tests are carried out to ensure the membrane meets our preferred standards. Among other things, we test breathability, UV resistance, wear resistance and water resistance.

What are the benefits for the user?

NEONORDIC® is a material developed for real hunting situations in all weather conditions. In addition to high protection, we aimed to develop a membrane that offered ample freedom of movement. With a special focus on comfort and breathability, we have engineered a light, silent, soft and exceptionally hardwearing membrane  of premium quality.


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