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Active hunting

Having to move a lot in the challenging weather requires its own specific solutions. You need garments that have good ventilation but also good mobility. In order not to disturb you as a hunter, the garments have to become one with your body.

Home / Hunting types / Active hunting

Much movement needs good ventilation

We develop our garments in cooperation with actual hunters, who test the clothing in the environment where they are meant to be used. At Swedteam we make sure that every new product is tried and tested to ensure that it fits and works to its best before we place it on the market. While the emphasis is on the garment’s functionality, we do not compromise on quality and appearance. We make nice-looking clothes that also work well upon use!

When hunting actively and in movement, the most important thing is to prevent your clothes from becoming damp with sweat as you move around a lot. Damp clothes quickly cool down and then you will freeze if you stand still for a while. In order to avoid damp clothes close to the body, it is essential to have a functional moisture-transporting base layer, and a “layer three” that offers good breathability and ventilation openings so that the hot and humid air can quickly be released. The “Pro fit” garments for active hunting have a more athletic fit than our items with “Classic fit". "Pro Fit" is designed to be able to move freely and without getting caught in the vegetation.


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