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Big game hunting

Big game hunting is one of the most common types of hunting in Sweden, and above all elk hunting is a highlight for many. Unlike many other types of hunting, elk hunting only happens during a short period of time, so it is important that at that time all equipment is ready so that nothing can go wrong.

Big game also includes, among others, bears, deer and wild boars, and the hunting period stretches over several seasons. It places demands on your clothes, which need to have high functionality and protect you from the wind and harsh weather.

Home / Hunting types / Big game hunting

A wide range, with something for everyone

We develop our garments in cooperation with actual hunters, who test the clothing in the environment where they are meant to be used. At Swedteam we make sure that every new product is tried and tested to ensure that it fits and works to its best before we place it on the market. While the emphasis is on the garment’s functionality, we do not compromise on quality and appearance. We make nice-looking clothes that also work well upon use!

Big game hunting involves both having to sit for a long time, and being out and moving in the terrain. This means that many of our clothes are suitable for big game hunting. When being still, it is especially important that the clothes are warm. Traditionally, bait hunting clothes are green. For a more active hunting, instead, movement and ventilation possibility are most important. It is also very important to have functioning camouflage, but at the same time visibility is a life saver. This issue has been solved by using well-known, well-functioning camouflage patterns where some of the details are in signal colours, in order to prevent accidents from occurring.

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