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Dog handlers

Hunting with a dog is a team effort that requires both training and good cooperation. Dogs can be used for most types of hunting, and when the collaboration works, it becomes a great asset.

For you as a dog handler, there are several smart solutions that make hunting with dogs as smooth as possible. Our equipment is designed together with professional dog handlers, who test and rate the garments.

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Dog leader products are tested by professionals

At Swedteam we work with a team of professional dog handlers called Swedteam Development Team. The team is used as a test board in our product development and they also get to try our new products before we place them on the market. This means that our products have features that are actually suited for hunting in reality. This group of hunters has high standards regarding comfort, fit, function, durability and safety, requirements that we at Swedteam can fulfil without sacrificing appearance. We simply make stylish and functional garments for hunters with high demands!

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