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Recreational hunting

Stylish and patterned, for recreational hunting and weekends. Our recreational hunting garments are well-fitting, classic and stylish.

The brand new Heritage Collection takes us into these hunting grounds. The garments and accessories are elegant and classic with a modern twist. With excellent fit and carefully designed details, this collection is ideal for both hunting and leisure.

Home / Hunting types / Recreational hunting

Hunting on country estates is a long-standing tradition. While this type of hunting has developed over the decades, its essence remains the same. For many people, this type of hunting is a social event offering an opportunity to meet in exclusive surroundings. The style aspect is also important, with a strong emphasis on the choice of materials, patterns and fit.

The Heritage Collection takes us back to our hunting roots with clothing and accessories specially designed for recreational hunting. The collection has a classical style with a modern twist. The materials and details are chosen to create the right feel and style, with an emphasis on classic patterns and tweed. A jacket, a cap or a weekend bag – what will make your classic hunting outfit complete? Explore the collection below.


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