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Small game hunting

Small game includes everything from foxes and roe deer to hares and birds. The hunt is often performed with dogs and the main periods are autumn and winter. This places high demands on your outfit, which has to make hunting with dogs easy but also has to protect against the changing weather.

Hunting small game can be a challenge, and especially foxes are known for being agile, having good hearing and being good at deceiving the hunter. Therefore it is important to keep in mind that the chosen garments should be quiet and suitable for active hunting.

Home / Hunting types / Small game hunting

Focus on moisture transmission

We develop our garments in cooperation with actual hunters, who test the clothing in the environment where they are meant to be used. At Swedteam we make sure that every new product is tried and tested to ensure that it fits and works to its best before we place it on the market. While the emphasis is on the garment’s functionality, we do not compromise on quality and appearance. We make nice-looking clothes that also work well upon use!

Small game hunting sometimes involves active hunting. So the essential elements are the camouflage, the fit and the right kind of features of the garments. When hunting actively, good ventilation possibilities are necessary to quickly vent out warm and humid air. Even if you dress right, placing layer over layer so that you can regulate the temperature by taking off clothes, you will still sweat during particularly active moments of the hunt. So it is optimal to have functional undergarments that take away moisture from the skin. It is essential that the garments fit well so that you can easily make your way across varied terrain, and that the garments sit tight against your body so that they do not get stuck in bushes and thickets. Another important aspect to take into consideration is that the garments should not make sounds. Quiet garments make it possible to get closer to the prey. The use of garments with a membrane that allows breathability is a prerequisite to keep warm even when it's rainy and windy.

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