Hunting for wild boar with high visibility jacket
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Wild boar hunting

Wild boar hunting has started to make up a large part of Swedish hunting lately. The hunting season goes on throughout most of the year, which places high demands on your clothes – they must protect you from the weather and the wind, but also keep you safe from the animals.

It is important to keep in mind that wild boars have a good hearing and an excellent sense of smell. If the animals are frightened, they can move quickly, and animals that have been wounded by shots are often aggressive. At Swedteam we have developed several solutions for you to have the best possible success with your boar hunting.

Home / Hunting types / Wild boar hunting

Safety above all

We develop our garments in cooperation with actual hunters, who test the clothing in the environment where they are meant to be used. At Swedteam we make sure that every new product is tried and tested to ensure that it fits and works to its best before we place it on the market. While the emphasis is on the garment’s functionality, we do not compromise on quality and appearance. We make nice-looking clothes that also work well upon use!

When we develop our products for wild boar hunting, our focus is on safety. The clothing must be hardwearing as they are often used in harsh and demanding environments. The garments must also have a good fit, as wild boar hunt mostly involves active hunting.

The garments are tested by professional hunters and the materials are tested at the textile institute, in order for us to be able to guarantee good quality and features.

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