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Our story

We are a company with a long hunting tradition that has been making hunting clothes of high quality for a whole century. Our brand has a long history, and since the beginning we have always had the same motivation - our great interest for hunting.

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To offer hunting clothes that will never disrupt the hunting experience.

As a hunter, the last thing you want is to have to stop a session because of cold fingers or clothing that does not keep dry.

At Swedteam we have taken up the challenge to develop clothing that will work in all weather conditions and contribute to the best possible hunting experience. In Scandinavia, we have a tough climate with great weather shifts, which require garments that have good features and protection.


Collaboration with hunters and tests in real environments.

In order to offer clothes of the highest quality, we work together with hunters. We test, develop and test again until the products are in top condition. Our goal is to constantly evolve and find new paths. Our development team includes female and male hunters with great hunting experience and with high demands regarding their equipment.

We also listen to you as a hunter in order to get a picture of what is needed. What qualities, colours or technical solutions should be adopted? We are here for you, always working to meet your requirements. We will help you find the right clothes, but we will also help you to use, combine and care for your garments properly.

We are innovators and experts in our field. We are at the forefront of this industry in terms of new functional solutions and materials, and pioneers in several areas. We are here for you who want the absolute best in terms of hunting clothes.

With 100 years of experience and with our aggressive investment in the future, you can feel confident when you choose Swedteam

Robin Segerqvist, CEO Swedteam

Swedteam today

Swedteam is available today in countries all over Europe.

We are continuously developing our products and building up more knowledge. Not only do we provide the right equipment, but we also give you advice on how to use and care for it properly.

We know hunting clothes, and we want to help you have the best hunting experience. Read more about how to dress right during the hunt and in the woods.

A family business with a century’s experience

It is no coincidence that we know what we are doing. Swedteam was founded in 1919 and is basically a family business that, throughout generations, has gained knowledge and experience in hunting. Our great interest in hunting has crossed all these generations, shared, not last, by our CEO Robin Segerqvist. In a generational shift, Robin recently replaced his father Ulf as CEO of Swedteam. Robin has been a part of Swedteam during a long time and is the natural successor to bring Swedteam into the future. In his new role as CEO, he combines his great passion for hunting with his large knowledge of leadership and sales.


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