Hunter in DESOLVE® camouflage clothing

First in Europe

The sight of an animal differs in many ways from the sight of humans.
Nevertheless, it is what we humans see who have been dominating the camouflage offerings up to now. 2017 is the year that we exclusively introduce the revolutionary camouflage DESOLVE® to the European market. This is the future of camouflage patterns.

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The world’s revolutionary news in this year’s catalogue.

Now the catalogue for 2017/2018 includes a range of news, mixed with last year's favourites and genuine classics. Everything for a better hunting experience. All our new products are available for delivery this summer.

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Super lightweight clothes for spring hunting

Ultra Light is the ultimate for mobile hunting with a lot of activity. The garments are made of an extremely lightweight material with multiple stretch panels and good ventilation. Don't miss our popular Ultra Light-anorak?

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