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At Swedteam we offer clothing and equipment for a better hunting experience.

Textile Technologies adapted for hunting

At Swedteam, function is everything. As hunters, we know that the best hunting experience is when you are warm enough, dry and can move in silence without get spotted. In our clothes, we use high-end technologies and materials developed to meet the challenges of a hunter. We invite you to read more about our technologies and features, and find just the right style to fit your next hunting adventure.

Technologies & functions

Selected products

We develop all our garments in collaboration with experienced hunters to offer you the best possible hunting experience. Moreover, with functional details and stylish designs, they’re as suitable for hunting as for leisure wear. Here you can find our current selected favourites.

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New catalogue and products for 2022!

Our exciting new products for 2022 are finally here! How do more dog handler clothes and an extended Antibite range sound? You can find these and plenty more in our new catalogue and on our website.

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Swedteam catalogue
Hunter with Swedteam Protection trousers

High-quality boar hunting troursers

Make sure you feel completely safe whilst hunting wild boar in our popular Protection trousers, designed to offer maximum protection against sharp tusks and tough terrain. Our CONPIERCE® Stabproof material, developed right here at Swedteam, covers all parts of the trousers, front and back. The most exposed areas have also been protected with a layer of Vectran™.

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Extended dog handler collection

The hunting world is currently seeing a major spike in demand for products for dog handlers and wounded game trackers. So we are particularly excited to be launching newly developed pieces focusing on function, fit and weight for these users. You will also notice a number of new details that increase the functionality of the piece and will elevate your experience even further.


Hunter with dogs

Lynx + antibite

Now is the perfect time of year for our comfortable Lynx series. Unfortunately it is also the perfect time of year for the irritating insects that also inhabit our forests. But thanks to a great new product launched this year, bugs are no longer a problem. We have updated our already-popular collection by adding our unique Antibite™ treatment to all our outerwear pieces in the Lynx range. Not only this, but we are also expanding the range with a number of additional pieces, as well as a women’s collection.


Swedteam jacket details

The key is in the details

Designing a piece to withstand heavy wear, hours of use in varying terrains, and the special requirements that come with hunting, is no easy task. Here, you can see examples of just some of the details we have incorporated into our new Ridge product family.

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Take advantage of the latest from around Swedteam and become part of our community! In social media, we update everything related to hunting and give you a greater insight into our work, our range and above all our great interest in hunting.


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